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Кабмин планирует отобрать у Бюро технической инвентаризации (БТИ) право на регистрацию прав собственности недвижимости.

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Украинское правительство объявило 2011год годом модернизации агропромышленного комплекса.

About us

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В регионах основной спрос по площадям в торговых и торгово-развлекательных центрах обеспечивает местный ритейл, который формирует спрос на небольшой формат площадей до 50-100 кв. м.

The special offer

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Специальное предложение ОАО «Дунайводстрой 124» (г.Одесса)


  We deal with the real estate projects according to the following algorithm:

  • Real estate asset management;
  • Objects’ technical maintenance and exploitation, as well as the calculation of expenditures;
  • Commercial property administration aiming to get the highest possible profit, owing to rent rate obtained from tenants and partners;
  • Maximization of tenantry infill;
  • Marketing and promotional activity aiming to promote the object on the market of identical objects;
  • Engineering and cleaning services;
  • Current repairs and major renovations of buildings;
  • Other real estate management services as well as the professional consulting concerning marketing and commercial real estate market analysis.

  We lead the projects according to our experience and specialization:

1. Legal advice assistance

  • Complex legal advice assistance to the buyer, tenant, lessor concerning acquisition, amortization and enjoyment of real estate;
  • Complex support and accompaniment of investment projects;
  • Running and regulation of disputes concerning the rights on real estate or land;
  • Risk estimation for clients selling their assets;
  • Legal advice consulting aiming to find the optimal scheme of asset acquisition;
  • Structuring and accompaniment of land bargains (purchase and sale, rent, transactions with constructions in progress).

2. Financial planning

  • Determination of the whole volume of monetary assets needed for full stroke investment project realization;
  • Calculation of needed volumes of receipts for realization of aimed goals or in indicated terms;
  • Reasoning of incomes and expenses;
  • Probable sources and schemes of financing;
  • Cash flow plan and operational budget of the project;
  • Project’s current position and efficiency index calculation (Net Present Value (NPV), Profitability Index (PI), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Discounted Payback Period; (PBP);
  • Risk analysis;
  • Anticrisis management.

  We also offer our services to non-residents to help them take part in Ukrainian investment agro-projects

  • Selection of tracts of land for agro-projects taking into consideration the specificity of the probable activity, the further acquisition of that tracts of land or long term rent;
  • Farming foundation (registration) with residents’ participation, and also the acquisition of shares in large agricultural enterprises;
  • Agrochemical examination of the land resources;
  • Interaction with state authorities;
  • Organization of current management;
  • o Other services: analysis of the enterprise, scheme and organization of acquisition, tax consulting and legal advice.

  A detached material evaluation of objects:

  • real estate;
  • machines, equipment and special vehicles;
  • vehicles;
  • all types of movables, apart from those registered as the cultural value (inventory holdings).

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