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Кабмин планирует отобрать у Бюро технической инвентаризации (БТИ) право на регистрацию прав собственности недвижимости.

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Украинское правительство объявило 2011год годом модернизации агропромышленного комплекса.

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В регионах основной спрос по площадям в торговых и торгово-развлекательных центрах обеспечивает местный ритейл, который формирует спрос на небольшой формат площадей до 50-100 кв. м.

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Специальное предложение ОАО «Дунайводстрой 124» (г.Одесса)

Residential and entertainment project "Paradise Park" (Makovysche vil.)


Project summary
  • 86,1109 ha, legally zoned "for residential construction", perfect location, unique nature with all main utilities available;
  • Transaction - foreign owner sells 100% share in Ukrainian LLC. Payment - preferably to foreign owner’s acc;
  • Excellent opportunity to develop a European-style country entertainment and residential club for comfortable leisure, with high quality and diverse entertaining, restaurant, sport, recreation and hotel services, within natural environment, distanced from urbanization;
  • Market analysis denotes strong demand along with low supply in the segment of quality cottage towns with full service;
  • Western Jytomyr direction is a fast developing community of country real estate, that is proved by fast land value growth.
  • Easy transport accessibility: 23 kms west of the Kiev border via west-leading properly maintained Kyiv-Jytomyr highway (M-06);
  • Individual straight 1,8 kms length 2 lane width access road has been constructed from main highway directly to the Site;
  • Highway crossroad offers easy access in both directions;
  • Favorable surrounding territory: modern golf club, restaurants, large residential projects, close to Makariv satellite town;
  • In borders of Makovysche village, Makariv district, Kyiv region.
Property description
  • Sizeable 86 ha footprint zoned for residential development offers substantial flexibility in master planning for a large-scale project;
  • Perennial pine forest surrounds the Site on perimeter. Marvelous birch groves and forest belts divide the land into natural zones;
  • 5 natural lakes were developed on the Site along with ground works according with approved project;
  • Geological and topography surveys confirm strong advantages for construction. The Site has flat relief;
  • Distance from main highway inhibits noise and atmospheric pollution.
  • Power supply of the needed capacity available 2 km away from the Site. Approved technical conditions for 4MWt;
  • Gas supply: middle-pressure pipeline runs along northern border of the Site. Approved technical conditions for 2000 m³;
  • Water supply is possible at the expense of wells at the Site, with purification and filtration system;
  • Sewage system is possible either centralized or individual (septic tank system) with bio-sewage purification;
  • The Site is located in the mobile service area.
Legal status
  • 86.1109 ha in freehold zoned "for construction of residential complex with service facilities";
  • In borders of Makovysche village;
  • State acts for land ownership. Regular title deed, absence of any legal restrictions;
  • Owner – Ukrainian LLC; Foreign Ownership – via Ukrainian title holder.
Development concept
  • European style single family and low-rise multi-family homes in ecologically pure natural park with full infrastructure;
  • Targeted at middle-income car owning families;
  • Combines the convenience, security and service of an urban residence with the ecological environment;
  • Full independent entertainment, restaurant, hotel and sport infrastructure targeted for both residents and guests;
  • Infrastructure facilities will be developed at 1st stage to attract more visitors and buyers at construction stage.
  Project price, legal and technical documentation available upon interest.


Business-centre "Yuzhniy"

River Sides complex

Modern offices

Paradise Park complex

Dunaivodstroi 124