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Кабмин планирует отобрать у Бюро технической инвентаризации (БТИ) право на регистрацию прав собственности недвижимости.

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Украинское правительство объявило 2011год годом модернизации агропромышленного комплекса.

About us

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В регионах основной спрос по площадям в торговых и торгово-развлекательных центрах обеспечивает местный ритейл, который формирует спрос на небольшой формат площадей до 50-100 кв. м.

The special offer

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Специальное предложение ОАО «Дунайводстрой 124» (г.Одесса)

The Heart of Business Kharkov


Object overview
Business-centre owes all the advantages of the large multifunctional complex that unites office, trade and store facilities under one roof, and possesses all the necessary infrastructure for successful business running.
Convenient location, transport accessibility, advanced infrastructure and the wide choice of tenement make “Yuzhniy” Business-centre attractive for business-running no matter what kind of activity the company is involved in.
The building is just after reconstruction (capital repairs were completed in 2008).
Office design and lay-out are executed according to tenant’s individual projects. Taking into account all the tenant’s requests, the office facilities could be divided into separate working zones. Otherwise they could constitute the integrated open working zone.
The rent charge is affordable even for small companies and for newly arranged businesses. "Yuzhniy" Business-centre is the best choice for pragmatic tenants who care for their working space.


Engineering equipment is represented by the world’s leading brands:

  • Total complex of modern unmanned activity-securing systems;
  • Streamlined self-regulating system of heat supply by “Viessmann”;
  • System of backup power supply secures the sustained performance of electricity supply, protecting it from malfunctioning, hindrance or power surge;
  • Optical-fiber telecommunications secure the top-quality communication and the quickest link to the world’s mass media via the high-speed Internet;
  • Building’s control system is equipped with the modern and qualitative engineering gear that grants the efficient energy saving usage;
  • Full-scale security; systems of fire and burglar alarm;
  • Video surveillance with the integrated control complex and the code-access control with record keeping capability;
  • The presence of technical service center and IT expert secures the non-stop functioning of digital communication lines.


Additional services
  • The exterior system of air-conditioning “Kraspan” provides the high level of thermal acoustic and solar insulation as well as penetration protection;
  • Three comfortable “OTIS” elevators are equipped with the modern control system;
  • Comfortable parking is situated near Business-centre;
  • Highly skilled management company ensures the opportune and conflict-free solving of every possible problem arisen.

Business-centre “BC Yuzhniy”

Kharkov, 6 Simferopolskiy lane,
Contact person: Сommercial manager Filatov Alexandr
For any questions regarding rent, phone:
+38(067) 442-77-52
+38(057) 763-16-01


Business-centre "Yuzhniy"

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Modern offices

Paradise Park complex

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