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Кабмин планирует отобрать у Бюро технической инвентаризации (БТИ) право на регистрацию прав собственности недвижимости.

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Украинское правительство объявило 2011год годом модернизации агропромышленного комплекса.

About us

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В регионах основной спрос по площадям в торговых и торгово-развлекательных центрах обеспечивает местный ритейл, который формирует спрос на небольшой формат площадей до 50-100 кв. м.

The special offer

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Специальное предложение ОАО «Дунайводстрой 124» (г.Одесса)

Modern offices for serious business


Modern and styled offices in 11- and 4-storeyed buildings of public corporation (PC) “PRI “Yuzhmedbiosintez” – appear to be a combination of comfort and security, combined with the competent lay-out solutions and complex maintenance. The total area of the office part of the business complex constitutes 7500 m². The minimal area of the individual office starts from 8 m². There is also a minor part of low-budget offices. Besides bright and spacious private offices there are also wide common corridors, halls, lavatories with hot water for men and women with separate boxes on each floor.
Having an office in the institute building is an indication of elite company’s status, the sign of success and prosperity.
The majority of our clients representing the leading domestic and foreign business-structures have been leasing offices in the institute building for 5-10 years. We offer isolated single- and multi-room offices with the separate entrance way from common elevators’ halls and floor corridors. Some offices with the area exceeding 70 m² are equipped with server-rooms. The institute also possesses spacious heated and non-heated storage rooms. For clients comfort there is a monorail hoist with 2 t. lifting capacity in the courtyard. There is also a small manufacturing potential.

Additional services

There are also numerous additional services, such as: 80- and 50-place conference halls, typography, copy-centre, café, cash machines, I-boxes, departments of 6 different banks, bars, snack-bars, coffee-machines, fitness-halls, massage-rooms, laundry, dry-cleaner's, night dance-club with bar, trays of outdoor commerce.
For tenants’ use there are parking places near institute building both on open parking lots along V.Tereshkova street and Kosmonavtov street (with individual radio-controlled parking barriers), and the permanent parking places in the institutes’ courtyard equipped with automatic radio-controlled gate (territory is enclosed, there is a twenty-four-hour video-surveillance, guard-post with pass control), a remote gate control panel could be given to the tenant on his demand.

The Cost of the Service

The cost of the lease includes the payment for all kinds of public utilities and heat supply (from October till April). Daily professional cleaning services and unlimited Internet provision are paid in separate way. For additional payment one can get furniture that is not enclosed in the initial furniture-set and car wash (which sides with the institute) season ticket. The payment for conference halls’ lease is made by the hour with 15% discount for office tenants.


In 11-storeyed building there are 2 passenger-elevators (upgraded in 2008), and one big cargo-and-passenger elevator. In-house transformer substation (1200 kW) secures the steady and uninterrupted power supply 380/220 V.
The water supply of the institute is realized via own pumping station of drinking water, the heat supply is realized via own boiler.
All the apartments are equipped with the ventilation systems, high-speed Internet (up to 10 Gbit from the leading Internet-providers), air-conditioners, pre-attached telephone lines (the desired quantity of telephone lines can be hooked up on tenant’s demand), there is also a possibility to hooking up a standard or cable TV – downlink antennas and GPS-antennas are installed on the roof of the 11-storeyed building.
All institute’s edifices are equipped with the fire alarm system and automatic systems of fire and smoke fighting.


Office-complex in PC "PRI "Yuzhmedbiosintez"
c. Odessa 32, Cosmonavtov street
Contact person: director Malyshev Alexandr Alexeevich
For any questions regarding lease, phone +38(048)766-18-92



Business-centre "Yuzhniy"

River Sides complex

Modern offices

Paradise Park complex

Dunaivodstroi 124