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Кабмин планирует отобрать у Бюро технической инвентаризации (БТИ) право на регистрацию прав собственности недвижимости.

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Украинское правительство объявило 2011год годом модернизации агропромышленного комплекса.

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В регионах основной спрос по площадям в торговых и торгово-развлекательных центрах обеспечивает местный ритейл, который формирует спрос на небольшой формат площадей до 50-100 кв. м.

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Специальное предложение ОАО «Дунайводстрой 124» (г.Одесса)

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On the 10-th of July 2010 "From January to June inclusive, by the signed contracts, there were rented 1075 square meters in the business center "BC Yuzhniy" Kharkov. -Tatyana Izotova, Head of Development Ltd. Investhaus. - Despite the fact that there wasn't positive dynamic in demand for rental space the office market in Kharkov, in the first half-year the trends crisis, under the management of our real estate development company "Investhaus", free areas of the business center "BC Yuzhniy" steadily declined."


On the 5-th of June 2010 In the training center of the consulting company was held a test-drive , which was attended by representatives from 14 different companies, including representatives from the company Investhaus.


On the 3-d of March in “KievExpoPlaza” there has been held a conference "commercial real estate market: the lessons of the crisis" for developers and tenants of shopping centers. The conference was organized jointly by companies Euroindex and DTZ. This was reported to by the DTZ Company.

  During the conference, there were provided presentations by the companies: DTZ, «Comfy», «Depot Development Group». Developers and tenants shared their achievements over the past period of crisis, as well as plans for 2010.
  Among the companies that participated in the seminar there were: McDonald's Ukraine LT, GLD Invest, Goldblat, InvestHouse, MTI, Italiano Design, TransUkrainaIntersport, Ukrzoloto and others.


On 10-th of December 2009 there has been taken place a regular Ukrainian Real Estate Club “Real Estate Club” meeting, which came out to be a year’s concluding meeting for guests and members of the Club.

  During the meeting there have been heard speeches of the following invitees: Alexandr Nosachenko – an executive director of the company Colliers International in Ukraine, Andrei Zaika – a chief executive officer of the company DTZ in Ukraine, Nick Cotton – an executive director of the company DTZ in Ukraine, Yulia Klimenko – a commercial manager of Dragon Development, Yuriy Vitrenko – a senior vice president of the company Amstar Europe, Jens Hintse an executive director of the company ECE in Ukraine.
  Among guests and active members there were also representatives of such companies as: Tiko-Construction, Alacor, City State, Cybarco Ukraine, Deol Partners, Evo Land Development, Forum Evolution, Pedersen & Partners, Raiffeisen Evolution, SCC, «ВС Energy International», «Panorama Grupp/Prizma», Ernst & Young, Knight Frank, Jones Lang LaSalle, «Intergalbud», DTZ Ukraine, 1849 plc, Thomas & Adamson, Chapman Taylor, architectural workshop of «A.Pashenko», EBRD, ERSTE Bank, UniCredit Bank, «MLP Ukraine», Europort, «Marketing Service», Light Wey Invest, Merko, BauMarketing, Niras, «InvestHouse», Capital Hall, HCM Group, RICS, «Raiffeisen Bank Aval», Gorodok TC, GILYONER, ІТТ Investment Group, Compass Development, DECPM Group, Midland Group, UkrBudContract, Immorent Ukraine, Plaza Centers in Ukraine, HSBC Bank in Ukraine, «Novyje zodchiye», «MiskZyvilProekt», Salans, Building, Property Times, «KPD Consulting», Denza and others.


On 7-th of October – the Company “InvestHouse” has secured a deal on the Kharkov’s office real estate rent market.

  By the end of August the development Company “InvestHouse” (Kiev) has secured the deal of office sites’ rent in Kharkov.
  The Company “TeploElectroProject-soyuz” (TEP-Soyuz”), which deals with the scientific research and research and development in power engineering branch, has rented 4474 m2 of office-apartments in business-centre “Yuzhniy” on 6, Simferopol lane. This business-centre is located in city-center’s close approach district in five minute walking distance to the Central railway station. “The lease contract is signed on a 3-year term”, - confirmed Tatiana Izotova – chief of development department of “InvestHouse” Ltd. – “Our Company represents interests of owners of the business-centre, we are also its management company. The total area of the “Business-centre “Yuzhniy” (which is positioned by a developer as B+ class) constitutes 14 305 m2, including 9000 m2 of active office area, 1150 m2 of commercial area and 1100 m2 of storage facilities.”


On 1-3 of October 2009 there has been taken place an exhibition-conference of commercial real estate, network retail and infrastructure - MallExpo&Retailtainment in ACCO International, where the Company “InvestHouse” was one of the participants. The common platform for communication among investors, retailers and developers has once again gathered all the key representatives of these branches. On exposition there were presented showcases of such well-known companies as: Coolliers International, Domus, Megalain, Zolotaya Koroleva, Dominant, Parus Corporation, Depot Development and others.

  The IV International Conference “Retailtainment in Ukraine” became the Mall Expo project’s informational core and confirmed to be a magnet for top managers of the market’s biggest companies.
  Missioned to enlighten current problems and forecasts of the Ukrainian market, the conference was composed of several autonomous modules. The matters of commercial real estate and retail investments, trade-entertainment centers’ management, general situation monitoring and algorithm of survival for retailers were thoroughly uncovered during the event, as well as consumer activity modeling.
  There were more than 50 representatives of the market’s leading companies from all over the world to come out as speakers.
  This platform has already proved to be that uniting vector, stimulating companies’ positive dynamics, which offers the wide challenges for new players and excites investment activity.


On 27-th of May 2009 – an applied conference “How to sell a development project to an investor”.

  In Kiev there was held an applied conference “How to sell a development project to an investor”
  The conference was organized by Meeting Point Ukraine assisted by an exclusive partner - CB Richard Ellis.
  The conference has gathered owners and holders of projects and tracts of land; representatives of international and Ukrainian financial and investment companies; chiefs, development directors, financial and commercial directors of development companies; analysts and specialists from consulting and law companies who discussed the efficient ways and methods of development projects’ “wrapping” and selling to investors in period of liquidity crisis.
  At a current period accessibility of share and liability capital for real estate financing is rather limited, since investors on the whole consider Ukrainian real estate sector to be vulnerable for investments. Examining potential real estate investment, the investor pays special attention to: history of successful developments of the company; quality of developer’s management; presence of qualitative tracts of land, which 100% match the chosen form of real estate; quality of project’s working out.
  “The criterion of legal structure transparency is also being paid much attention by investors.” – stressed Alexei Zerkalov (Dragon Capital) in his report.
  During the conference investment companies’ representatives shared their view on their financing plans and on schemes of projects’ estimation. Within the bounds of the conference there has been taken place a panel discussion. The discussion participants (among whom there were “InvestHouse” Ltd. representatives) have discussed the reports and shared their experience. They also came to a conclusion that stabilization of development companies’ activity in current conditions can only be reached by coordinated efforts.


9-th of April – The project “8 hours of concentrated practice”.

  There were more than 25 representatives of such Ukrainian companies as: MTI, Budostal-3, Vinnitsa Bud Promgruppa, Duk-01, InvestHouse, INEKO, Inkom, Kievstar GSM, Stroyteh, Farmak, XXI Vek, Citrus-Diskaunt taking part in the project.


On 1-st of April – mini-trainings by consulting company “Tehnologii Upravleniya Spaider Ukraina”.

  As a result there were 23 leading specialists and directors from such companies as: Deol Partners, E2B, ProNet, VAB Bank, Direx-Telecom, Domotehnika-Nord, InvestHouse, Loyala-leasing, Maximus, Medservice-partner, MTS, Svedbank, TAS IFG, TAS Strahovaya Gruppa and also delegates from Kiev National Economic University, who took part in these trainings.


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